How to promote decentralized exchanges on TomoChain over CEXs and other DEXs?

Despite its own advantages, the number of users on DEXs is still small in comparison to centralized exchanges. That’s why I open this thread for everyone can join/discuss how to promote DEXs on TomoChain effectively. If you have any ideas, suggestions, feel free to comment below.

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I think that we have to support all the DEXs using TomoX and that’s why we started and listed the working DEXs with direct links and summary of the listed pairs.


I agree. We support all the DEXs using TomoX and welcome all DEX owners to introduce themselves and their DEXs in this subcategory. In the future, if any DEX owner wants to run campaigns to attract users, opening a new topic here and giving a shout out to the community is a good start.

Once more DEXs more volume coming to TomoChain, we have more competitive advantages to talk to DEFI listing sites and do more promotions :100:


I saw this earlier. Very cool to have a list of supported TomoX DEXs!


One way to promote TomoChain DEXs, I believe, is to work on user interface and incorporating other public blockchains. One of the best and simplest UI’s Ive ever seen in a DEX is Uniswap. Their platform is not only beautiful but also very intuitive. I often dream about how amazing the project would be if it was built on top of Tomochain…

We would like to receive actual information about all the DEXs using TOMOX , so we can update the information on