I lost my keys!

OMG. The last two days the Tomo Wallet mobile app didn’t work for me, it didn’t open… Today, again when I cannot enter I have decided to remove the app and install it again but now it asks me for the keys and I cannot find them anywhere. Can I do something to enter my Tomo Wallet? I only have the address of my wallet since on the 7th I sent Tomos to a friend and it appears in that transaction.

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If it helps, this is the transaction detail from my friend wallet, I think the sender has to be my direction. I send him 1193,84 TOMO in 7th Jan.

Got this wallet limited because there was a problem with the app and I can’t enter to my wallet. I had to remove the app to try to enter to my wallet and now I have not got the key to verify that the wallet that I can see in my phone is mine.

You can fix the app but can’t give me access to my wallet?

Hi, I think you are in view-only mode. You only can access your fund if you hold the private key.


I lost the access to my account because of malfunction of the app. Is not fair to lose my Tomos for that issue…


Please understand that we don’t hold responsibilities for your private key or recovery phase. You must have saved it cautiously to access your wallet at any time.

Thank you.

You have no responsibility for the proper functioning of the app? I couldn’t get in in 3 days and have to reinstall it.