My Mobile Wallet funds are not showing

Hello Guys, I am a Tomo holder. Lost my phone last week. When I downloaded the Tomo app on my new phone and entered menomic phrase the wallet opened with 0 funds and 0 transanctions. I entered the same phrase on my desk wallet and got access to my real wallet. I thought the issue was from your end and will get solved. When I tried accessing the mobile wallet again today, same thing… 0 funds nor staking and 0 transactions. Checked the desk wallet and was able to access my funds. Can someone please help on that matter?

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Hello Mike,
Which mobile device are you using to install TomoWallet app? And which desk app did you use(MEW, TomoWallet app or else)?
Please be careful when entering the menomic phrase to TomoWallet app, make sure 1 space between words and all letters in lowercase.

Hello Alex, I have a Huwawi P20pro and I am using the Tomo desk wallet. My memomic is allowing me to access my mobile wallet but it is accessing different wallets on Tomo desktop wallet (which is my real account) and the mobile app wallet that it is accessing is empty with no transaction nor funds. Pretty weird. I would have thought the mistake is from me if I was not being able to access my real wallet on the Tomo desk wallet. But same memomic is giving me access to 2 different wallets (right one being the Tomo desk wallet

I am really confused and don’t understand how the same memomic gives you access to 2 different Tomo wallets…

It sounds odd…
I only can suggest you are more careful inserting recovery phases on mobile since the 1st letter in each word are automatically uppercase which will give you another result.
Please DM @tunght91 if your next try fails (just click to his username and click to Message box). He will guide you in detail.

Yes you are right about upper case… Did not know that memomic was upper case sensitive. Will try and update you. Tha k you Alex

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