Wallet issues Tomowallet Ledger

I can not log-in into my tomowallet using ledger.

Contract data is allowed and I also put in the right path.

whenever I want to access my funds nothing happends.

How can this issue be solved?

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I tried today. You are right, its not working. Please check @tunght91

Do you store your tomo on tomoapp or ethapp in ledger?

@tunght91 Any updates please?

I need it also please please i didn’t getiy

Can we atleast get a F*cking response??? Want to move my funds already for 2 weeks

I am really sorry. I have already updated the devs but I haven’t got response yet about the situation.

ok, thanks for trying

Try firefox, its work

Tung is working on the problem now. You should have your fix shortly!

Sorry for delay. It is fixed now.

Have you gotten response on how to fix error @miepkokubuko