Introducing TomoChain's forum

Welcome to TomoChain forum!

We’ve created a new place for TomoChain members to join and be our companion in the daily discussions and campaigns.

Let’s migrate your questions and concerns to a new home to help build a healthy and vibrant community. Constructive and critical conversations are what we are looking for.

Actively taking part in diverse topics across categories including TomoChain products, community building, and business strategy is the optimal way to bridge the gap between TomoChain team, partners and our communities. We believe that keeping the communication open generates insightful and intellectual conversations, as well as quickly addresses correct issues, which immediately reflects back into the project’s health.

We decided to close the TomoChain Reddit channel, gradually retreat our chat moderation from TomoChain global chat and hand it to the community. All official contact and full support by TomoChain team will be happening on our new Forum.

If you have any suggestions on improving TomoChain’s forum and better your experience here, please share your thought at the Site Feedback subcategory

Browse through, explore, and join TomoChain’s Forum. We hope you enjoy it.

TomoChain team


Thank you so much for bringing us this great place to discuss and connect with other decentralized people. Hopefully, we will be one of the largest crypto forum here.


Very good initiative. By opening this forum, Tomochain is confirming it’s already known objectives of creating innovative tools for businesses, consumers and institutions, leveraging the best of blockchain technologies.
A company that knows how to listen to it’s community and users is certainly paving the way to widespread adoption. Congratulations!

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欢迎欢迎 :tada: :confetti_ball: :gift:

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Thank you for your nice word! Please share your opinions/ideas and support us in any way you can. It matters to us.

Great to receive many positive feedback about TomoChain’s forum launch.
What you have said is what we aim to do here. Hope to see you around :wave:


Excited to see the growth of this new channel from Tomo team!