TomoChain Bi-weekly Recap | 1/11 - 15/11


It’s been a sleepless TomoChain in the past two weeks with plenty of exclusive events both internally and externally. We have been working heavily on TomoMasterDAO, TomoScan, and LuaStarter, and many things will soon be visible to the public.



  1. On November 4th, TomoChain attended a big show on Binance to feature the launch of TomoMasterDAO - the decentralized governance platform for grants of TomoChain. In a 1-hour live session, Lakrisen Haricharan, TomoMasterDAO’s Project Manager gave a brief of its mission along with clearing up its operation in the long run.

  2. TomoChain’s exclusive AMA session with a strategic partner - Unifty took place on November 6th. Colin Platt, CEO of Unifty, had a chance to dissect the NFT ecosystem they are building and share his goal of collaboration with TomoChain.

  3. After half of a month of launching, we would like to hear about your TomoScan experience and suggestions on how to improve the performance rate and intuitive UX! The most insightful suggestions and feedback will be rewarded with $TOMO. The more feedback we get, the better TomoScan will be!


  1. We’ve sent out a congrats email to the qualified TomoMasterDAO Board Member applicants who deserve to be shortlisted for the next round. More information will soon be published for the community. Don’t forget, your vote, your choice! .

  2. The tDAO’s successful IDO on LuaStarter is followed by two important events:

For Masternodes and Voters, the number of $tDAO you’ll receive depends on your staked/staking amount:

:small_orange_diamond: Previous TomoMaster users - 500 $tDAO

:small_orange_diamond: TomoMaster voters - 500 $tDAO

:small_orange_diamond: Masternode owners - 2000 $tDAO

:spiral_calendar: Claims open: 3:00AM UTC on 16 Nov 2021.

To be eligible for this program:

:zap:TOMO holders must run a masternode or stake TOMO to a masternode on TomoMaster before the snapshot date.

:zap:Centralised exchange staking is not supported.

For the early $tDAO supporters, 1M in 8M tDAO will be shared for 10,000 participants as a welcome present. To join the mini-campaign, users have to complete these community tasks.

:spiral_calendar: Claims open: 3:00AM UTC on 9 Nov 2021

:spiral_calendar: Claims close: 3:00AM UTC on 16 Nov 2021.

LuaSwap - LuaStarter

  1. The NFT wave is coming to LuaStarter. Three IDO projects has been successfully launched on TomoChain’s multi-chain launchpad, including:
  • Pixel Verse, a virtual world platform and toolset that lets creators and communities create their own NFTs in a next-generation metaverse, on Nov 2, 2021

  • Howl City, a metaverse blockchain world where everyone competes in racing but collaborates in life, on Nov 5, 2021

  • Dragon Kart, the first 3D Skill-Based Battle Racing Game between characters taken from ‘Pikalong Series’ by artist Thang Fly, on Nov 9, 2021

Approximately over $100,000 raised within less than 10 minutes for each project! In the meantime, Blue Horizon is lining up for its IDO on November 22, 2021.

  1. As a result of many rising projects launching their IDO on LuaStarter, $LUA is among the top 10 tokens exchanged most on Coin98 exchange over the last 7 days.