TomoChain October Monthly Recap 2021

Spooky season never exists in the TomoChain world as we have much visual progress to show in October: from TomoMasterDAO’s debut to TomoScan’s new version, from more rising projects launching IDO on LuaStarter to fruitful achievements of LuaVentures-invested projects.

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  1. The relentlessly hard-working process behind the scenes eventually terminates! TomoScan officially releases its new version with the exclusive look. Better block explorer performance rate, real-time information & updates and extended menu bar convenience! The API is simultaneously updated to help developers/users freely script document updates. Let’s make your own exploration here!

  2. Unifty, a multi-chain NFT platform that allows anyone to monetize their passions, showcase their NFTs, and earn yields for exhibiting their digital art collections, officially became TomoChain’s strategic partner. Through this collaboration, two communities, those of traditional blockchain users and NFT enthusiasts, are united and able to gain mutual benefits.

  3. $TOMO has officially been integrated into Zoidpay, a chrome extension that enables users to perform peer-to-peer transactions and in store payments in a contactless manner ! Via this app, users can enjoy the time shopping on Amazon using your own $TOMO.

  4. Halloween’s season came and left TOMO users golden opportunities to grab $75 TOMO with a super exciting mini-game. Rewards will be dropped in the winners’ wallet soon!

  5. Mask On Charity, a crypto charity fund for Vietnam’s fight against COVID-19 officially came into effect. With the relentless support from TomoChain and other blockchain colleagues, until Oct 10th, up to $52,000 was donated.


  1. TomoMasterDAO officially made its debut on Oct 5th, 2021, being covered on many major presses. In order to gain a better understanding of how it works and what value it contributes to the TomoChain ecosystem in general, check out TomoMasterDAO’s whitepaper.

  2. TomoMasterDAO’s Product Manager/ Representative, Mr. Lakrisen Haricharan was invited to an AMA with Venus on Oct 11th and with Gains Associates on Oct 12th, catering users for a clear picture of TomoMasterDAO.

  3. LuaVentures’ Product Manager, Mr. Nang Nguyen, and TomoMasterDAO’s Product Manager/ Representative, Mr. Lakrison Haricharan had opened for an exclusive discussion: Water the Seed with TomoMasterDAO & LuaStarter. The community had a chance to obtain in-depth insight regarding the collaboration between TomoMasterDAO and LuaStarter! Miss out on the live AMA? The video is already on our Youtube channel!

  4. Since Oct 10th, the mini-game: “What makes DAO a good system?” with $200 in tDAO to be won has found the final winners. More activities will come along the operation time, stay tuned!

  5. With the huge support from the community, TomoMasterDAO’s IDO on LuaStarter is finished with a slew of remarkable milestones: 900% oversubscribed, $tDAO was sold out within 30 minutes, 50,000 TOMO was raised!

  6. The interim is over! From Oct 20th, 2021, $tDAO token has been ready for cultivation. It’s time to collect the seeds and get planting!


In October, 2021, LuaVentures continued to diversify its investment portfolio through several partnerships with outstanding names:

  1. Dragon Kart, a 3D battle racing game built on Binance Smart Chain. The special partnership ignited the interest of the media. Check this out to see how Dragon Kart can hype up the battle game landscape.

  2. UPFI, a stablecoin that is partially backed by collateral and algorithmically stabilized. As a strategic financial investor, LuaVentures is delighted to accompany UPFI along its level-up progress.

LuaSwap - LuaStarter:

  1. $tDAO token is officially listed on LuaSwap. In order to ensure token stability, liquidity was added 05 times throughout the month in accordance with the price market.

  2. In the advent of TomoScan’s new version, LuaSwap users now can directly monitor transactions on the platform with ease and better user experience!

  3. Dragon Kart, the 3D NFT battle racing game, is officially going to launch its IDO on LuaStarter at 9 a.m, on Nov, 9th, 2021. A minigame to stir up the community is here for you to join! Check this out for more information about this most awaited IDO!

  4. LuaStarter integrates Binance Smart Chain to expand the multi-chain reach. From now on, BSC’s projects can launch the IDO on LuaStarter under Binance Smart Chain. In return, LUA holders will benefit from the rising projects on BSC through LuaStarter.

  5. PixelVerse is the next generation Metaverse NFT ecosystem platform for games, communities and creators. PixelVerse’s IDO is kicked off on LuaStarter on Nov 1st.

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