TomoChain Biweekly Recap | 01/8 - 16/8

July left a critical base for the highly anticipated breakthrough in August. Let’s take a look at TomoChain’s significant milestones in the last two weeks!


  1. TomoChain ecosystem is scaling up with a newborn product, TomoMasterDAO, the Governance for Grants on the TomoChain Network, allowing the community to take part in the governance decision-making process alongside an incentive program.
  • Prior to its official launch, TomoMaterDAO team highly supports the community to share opinions and suggestions regarding TomoMasterDAO’s general development and proposals via this thread.

  • This announcement was also featured by Altcoin Buzz. You can check it out here.

  1. TomoChain will be integrated into Shield Protocol, allowing $TOMO users to store, send and receive $TOMO in Shield Wallet.

  2. Wanaka Farm, a new NFT project on the TomoChain blockchain, is backed by LuaVentures, the new venture capital firm of TomoChain Lab Pte. Ltd. This NFT blockchain game is described as a farming universe which allows users to experience adventurous quests and options to design their own unique land.

  3. $TOMO is listed on Dex Trade under the trading pairs of TOMO-USDT, TOMO-BTC and TOMO-BUSD, offering users more platforms to trade $TOMO.


  1. The spotlight of the first-half of August goes to TomoChain’s dual launch of:
  • LuaStarter, the multi-chain IDO launchpad on LuaSwap for emerging projects. With the Tier Guaranteed System, LuaStarter ensures fair allocations for all investors participating in the IDOs. You can dive into LuaStarter’s whitepaper to know more about its mechanism, key advancements, user flow,…and at the same time, explore media coverage regarding this huge event.
    IDO application is now open for all projects who are looking for a secure and emerging platform for their IDOs.

  • LuaVentures, a venture capital firm of TomoChain Lab Pte. Ltd. We seek seed investment in emerging blockchain projects with strong opportunities for growth and value creation. Wanaka Farm is the first project backed by LuaVentures.

  1. LuaStarter has been integrated to the main menu of LuaSwap. You can hop into LuaSwap website to access LuaStarter which is beneath the ‘Product’ tab.

  2. It’s been a couple of busy weeks with a series of AMAs celebrating the dual launch of LuaStarter and LuaVentures. A huge thanks to the community’s warm support and let’s wait to see more IDO projects coming in.

  3. Last but not least, TomoChain’s community can catch up with LuaSwap’s activities via this Bi-weekly digest which covers LuaStarter, LuaVentures and their major milestones.

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