Introducing TomoMasterDAO — TomoChain’s Governance Platform and its IDO on LuaStarter

Introducing TomoMasterDAO — TomoChain’s Governance Platform and its IDO on LuaStarter

TomoChain’s goal was set since day one of our establishment: build & extend. As we’ve spent the past 4 years developing products that ease our users’ transition into blockchain technology, we realized that it is time to elevate the TomoChain public blockchain to the next level. The ultimate way to go far is to go together, where decisions within the TomoChain ecosystem are made from bottom-up, by the community, for the community.

Just a month ago, TomoChain has uncovered our plan to release the very first Decentralized Autonomous Governance Model called TomoMasterDAO . As the ingredients were chopped and combined together, today, we’re pleased to announce the first official blend of the product.

The scope of TomoMasterDAO is to offer fundings for promising projects built on TomoChain and community initiatives. In simple words, look at this DAO as a tree branch to extend TomoChain’s network.

Definition and detailed explanation on TomoMasterDAO here.

TomoMasterDAO governance Token — tDAO

The distribution of an exclusive new token offers a large incentive for users to participate and carry out functions that benefit the TomoChain network such as staking, providing liquidity, and building on top of the platform.

IDO Launch

TomoMasterDAO is set to launch our Initial DEX Offering (IDO) on LuaStarter — the multi-chain IDO Platform on LuaSwap as below.

IDO Timeline

  • Pool opens: 9AM (UTC), 15 October 2021
  • Pool closes: 9AM (UTC), 17 October 2021
  • Open period of the pool: 48 hours
  • 7-day staking deadline: 9AM (UTC), 8 October 2021

Details on how to join TomoMasterDAO’s IDO on LuaStarter .

The tDAO token will be used for voting, rewards, and supplementing funds for the TomoMasterDAO ecosystem through the governance treasury. The allocation of tokens will follow three separate phases; initial distribution, future distribution, and vested tokens. The total token supply will be 100,000,000 tDAO. The initial distribution (20%) of tokens will be through an Initial Decentralised exchange Offering (IDO) on LuaStarter, an airdrop for eligible users, and farming rewards. The future distribution (5%) will go to farming rewards, and distribution to active voters and participants in TomoMasterDAO. Vested tokens (71%) for the Governance Treasury, and the team will follow 2 vesting schedules. Tokens for the team will follow a shorter vesting schedule, and the governance treasury will follow a longer schedule of 8 years.

How to Participate

To start participating today, apart from joining tDAO’s IDO event on LuaStarter, it’s as easy as joining the TomoMasterDAO Forum sector and getting involved in the comments’ discussion. We look forward to kick-starting the very first proposals.