$Lition Promoter

Hey Guys,
I created the Twitter account Lition Promoter to finally do more promotion on Twitter.

I’ll get to it in the coming days and write a first Medium article about what Lition is and what benefits it has. I will also create some graphics.

If you have ideas or want to help with texts, graphics, videos or other ideas - please get in touch!
For the beginning, it would be great if you follow the account and we can generate reach little by little!

The account is freshly created to give my comment for Long also a positive effect with. Profile pictures and more I create during the day.


Well done TKT. This is a very good initiative.

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Thanks, very nice, I have just followed you there!

I will help where I can!

Watch from 20:45 re Lition, this is why we are invested, so why can’t this be shared through various channels? You can still work on technical issues as a development team, but things like this will keep people connected to the project.

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From 32min

Good finds! Will cut a video for twitter today and start some content.

Search for good content and share it here like Mij - always helpful!

This is Lition Energie and Blockchain together mentioned at place 12th with Blockchain video.

This is worth letting people know about. This is Long Vuong’s response to my request for reimbursement when, after one of Tomochain’s employees - Nghia - tells me that the issue with the staking contract for Lition is fixed and I rely on that statement and try to unstake from the Lition Pool only to encounter a “failed transaction” “Warning Contract Execution Error” twice and lose up to $300 in the process. It turns out the issue was not fixed of course. Asking for reimbursement is not just reasonable, any business with integrity would do so.

Long Voung: “Lition software is fully open sources and not built by TomoChain Lab. There are a lot of quirks with Lition’s software and unlike corporate softwares there are no revenues for us coming from users using softwares. All Nghia and we are doing is helping to our best extent without compensation. Hence there is no reimbursement policy. Thank you for understanding.”

I do not understand your response Long. What I do understand is that Tomochain acquired Lition and made a public announcement to that effect and Tomochain as the new announced legal owner of that company are responsible for Lition. Just because a business is not making money, does not mean the owners are not responsible for the business and it’s liabilities. I find your response remarkable and maybe a story that some might find very interesting. A blockchain business acquires another blockchain company but is not responsible for the business it has acquired. I don’t understand it. The thread is then subsequently closed without allowing me to make a response.

Maybe someone else on this board can help me understand this. Thank you

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