Pantograph | Networking & Blockchain for Dummies

Pantograph is a networking application. The app aims to provide a feeless environment for communities to interact with their followers. As one of the pioneers in this field, Pantograph intends to widen the adoption of blockchain technology bit by bit. Hence, we designed Pantograph in the simplest way, as it’s ‘Blockchain for Dummies’, which means you don’t have to be an expert to enjoy this amazing technology.


Try Pantograph now:

Hello and welcome to TomoChain forum!
I’m a big fan of Pantogragh. Easy to use, stake and beside TomoWallet, Pantogragp is the only wallet supporting TRC21 tokens issued on TomoChain. Your chat within the app is super cool to connect with ppl and claim daily rewards from fun games.
Keep up with your great work! Hope to see you around.


Pantograph is so valuable app for TomoChain, thank you Bacoor.

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Maybe you missed this:
Dark Mode is available on Pantograph! :yum:

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