What do you think about Dapps on TomoChain lately?

TomoChain is a great project. Dapps built on TomoChain can focus on speed, cost, privacy, and frictionless user experience. However, the ecosystem seems lack of them. Do you think Dapps are as important as they could be a key driver in TomoChain adoption?


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Acquiring new users is a challenge for all blockchain platform, not only TomoChain. 1/10 Dapps on Ethereum have more than 20 users per day. In 2018, the advantages of blockchain game, such as Transparent & Ownership preservation, Distributed & secure database was expected to boost up users. However, blockchain game shows that it cant solve most problem of the game industry, ex acquiring new users or reducing operation cost. Blockchain infrastructure is facing difficulty to handle high-resolution games, most of the games on blockchain now are very simple, especially gambling games. Back to now, Defi can be another solution, since 5 out of 10 top users Dapps on Ethereum is Defi projects. TomoChain recently has launched TomoX, followed by TomoDEX, so I think they start paying attention to this one as well.


I agree that DApps are the most important components in any public blockchain. While DeFi is definitely the hottest trending in crypto, I feel we still need to focus on Dapps that connect blockchain/crypto with the real world information, rather than DApps that operate in an isolated enviroment: blockchain. For example, can we build a payroll system on blockchain that could change the way how the current payroll works.


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A great set of Dapps is sure one of the core factor to full-fill a complete blockchain experience. I think using Dapps is also a huge step towards mass adoption, as Dapps are usually easy to use and serves mostly entertaining purposes (games & applications), which can easily reach mainstream users.
TomoChain does have a set of DeFi products that can help with speed, cost, privacy and a frictionless experience, like:

  • TomoZ - paying fees with the same token you’re using
  • TomoX - creating your own DEX
  • TomoP - create anonymous transactions to protect your privacy.
    All of these can be integrated into a Dapp when built on TomoChain.

I believe that the development of projects that utilize TRC20 tokens as tradable sought after assets will make the defi ecosystem come alive. Ethereum did not gain popularity until the wave of icos brought in speculative investors that wanted to invest in the new projects being built on Ethereums infrastructure. Tomo needs some upcoming projects that people will want to invest in.

truly agree. but it seems that the ICOs trend is not 2020 theme. 2020 is about #DeFi. TomoP and TomoX will complete the ecosystem.

Yes but defi ecosystem needs to have assets to utilize these products…ico craze is over but there should still be new projects that utilize trc20 tokens. Whether it’s an ico, ieo or airdrop of the tokens…trc20 tokens becoming highly sought after assets should be one of the goals…

Can you send me your Dapp link, just want to try. Thanks

Here you are :point_down:

Enjoy! :grin:

I saw tweet abt this, is this a new game dapp on your site? https://twitter.com/longvuong22/status/1273090048569663488

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Frame C Batte is a dApp game built on TomoChain, and also a partner of us.
You can play Frame C Battle right on Pantograph App.

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