TomoChain Weekly Recap (13/07 - 19/07)

Weekly Recap (13/07 - 19/07)

People say “good wine needs no bush”. But we believe that for the general public to well understand, perceive and adopt a project, a good amount of promotion and education is required.

TomoChain team is always dedicated to bringing you the real value products and providing you with proper instructions.

  1. Congratulations to Pantograph and Maxbet for winning the best TomoDapps in our community vote! We’ve prepared some gifts for the winner dapp communities to thank your great contribution to the development of our DeFi ecosystem. Check out TomoGameHub for more details.

  2. Only one day left till the end of TomoDEX Zero-Fee Lending Week. Knowing that all fees will be refunded, your TomoDEX Lending experience is simply a peace of mind without nothing to lose. Borrow & lend with TomoDEX now or regret later.

  3. As a pioneering fintech startup in Vietnam, TomoChain was honored to join the “Building an innovative startup ecosystem” program hosted by Vietnam’s Ministry of Science & Technology & BKHoldings, with our co-founder & CEO Le as a guest speaker.

  4. Testnet TOMO can be easily acquired through the Faucet and then used for testing a range of our products and applications. However, the default faucet may not be enough if you look to test as a masternode or TomoX node owner. Alternatively you can drop us a message here or contact the admins in our telegram group for large amounts of testnet TOMO.

  5. With 17 active Dapps and more than $14M volume created, TomoChain is ranked the 5th in transaction volume across the entire Dapp market in 2020 Q2. Follow the link to learn more about Dapp development and what innovations TomoChain has brought to the DeFi realm.

  6. Enthusiastic to learn about the latest blockchain trends but too busy to do deep research? Let us pull you up from living under the crypto rock with “Spill the T” series, from which you can learn your crypto knowledge using little pieces of time during the day.



Tổng kết tuần TomoChain (13/07 - 19/07)

Thành ngữ có câu “Hữu xạ tự nhiên hương". Nhưng chúng tôi tin rằng để công chúng hiểu rõ, đón nhận và đồng hành cùng dự án, cần có sự quảng bá và chỉ dẫn phù hợp.
Đội ngũ TomoChain tận tâm luôn mang đến cho bạn những sản phẩm giá trị thực tế, đi kèm với hướng dẫn cụ thể.

TomoChain 周报(7.9 ~ 7.16)