Need Testnet Tokens

Hi everyone,
I’m new to Tomo ecosystem and just wanna know where to get some testnet tokens ?

I’ve created a testnet masternode but need tokens to get it running now.
Any tips about that ?

Thanks in advance,

Let me know your address, i can send you some TOMO testnet

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You can get from the faucet here:

That’s fine, someone just sent me some.

Thanks @thanhson1085 .

@kha_nt thanks for the link but I’ve already visited it, and I need enough tokens to mount a masternode, so … 1 click for 15 tokens, that’s a lot of click !

Yeah, the faucet is for testing the Dapp only. If you need a huge amount to setup a masternode/ DEX relayer, please send your TOMO address here. We will send you TOMO testnet tokens.

To access testnet mode, you follow this guide: - part 1.3


Sent. Please check your wallet in the testnet mode.