Stable income using tomo staking

Dear Tomo team,

Are there any plans to introduce price mechanism to allow stable income with TOMO staking? Now there is an option to short tomo on ftx exchange in order to protect the value of TOMO holdings. For example in waves platform they introduced Neutrino Protocol for this purpose. Another way could be to borrow TOMO against USDT, but then the borrowing rate should be less than the staking rate.

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You actually step in the TomoChain world. Welcome :blush:
Regarding your question, I have 2 options for you
1. Staking TOMO as a staker OR a masternode.

  1. Lending on TomoDEX
    At the moment, you can deposit BTC, ETH and TOMO as collateral via TomoBridge - the cross-chain portal.

You can

  • Borrow USDT against TOMO, ETH and BTC
  • Borrow TOMO against ETH and BTC (not USDT)

Collateral Deposit Rate: 150% of the total loan value.
For example: If a user wants to borrow 1000 USDT against BTC and the BTC price is 7,500 USDT, the user must deposit = 1,000 * 150% / 7,500 = 0.2 BTC
Liquidation Rate: 110% of the total loan amount .
This means that the collateral will be automatically liquidated and released to the Lender’s Address if its market value falls to 110 % of the loan value.

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