Masternode Foundation activities

Hi, would the Tomo team kindly provide more transparency on what the masternode foundation does with the Tomo received? In addition, would some resources be community decision based on voting?

Similar to Dash masternode foundation.

It would be interesting to know what Tomo masternode foundation does daily with the Tomo received — hold or sell, and what the resources get allocated to.


The 10% MN reward is custodied securely in multisignature cold storage. There is no plan to do anything with it yet.

Tyvm for the feedback. Once the Tomo team has a plan for what to do with the 10%MM reward, wondering if the Tomo community could also be leveraged for input. Maybe a voting system based on Tomo staking or Tomo ownership would be great.

That’s exactly what we plan. We firstly want to upgrade the mainnet to support Solidity’s latest version, and implement a voting platform like Snapshot. Then These fund will be managed by a DAO controlled by MN/ staker’s voting.

Amazing to hear, ty!