Proposal Discussion - Learn TOMO & Earn TOMO

Hey guys,

I am planning to start “Learn TOMO & Earn TOMO” event on twitter.
Please check below for more info.

What I Will Do?

  • I will ask 1 question every month about TomoChain (via TomoPromoter twitter).
  • It’ll start at 1 February and it will be done every month (for 2022).
  • 4 winners will share 40 TOMO (10 each) every month.
  • Here is an example:

What I Need?

  • I need your ideas; if you want to change anything about this tell here.
  • I will need 440 TOMO from MasterDao (11 months x 40 tomo).
  • I will need your OK vote on proposal.

Please don’t hesitate to share your ideas and tell me what do you think about this, then I’ll send the proposal to MasterDao board.



Good idea, but i think you should launch BSC bridge before, so multichain users could interact with. Otherwise it will be limited to the little Tomochain community.


Bravo pour l’initiative !

Tomo manque de visibilité… alors c’est une très bonne idée :slight_smile:

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Hi dear

Maybe Tomochain needs a bridge to this chain additionally on top

  • CELR and harmony

and I see another frum by @Hatomo about
Tomochain needs a bridge to these chains to be useful and popular

  • BSC
  • Polygon
  • Avalanche
  • Fantom
  • xDai
  • Terra
    I think this is the absolute priority for tomochain in this competitive market, after four years of launch

and start to develop about TOMO P

then add in other exchanges + Marketing


So what does it have to do with this topic?

Tomochain should invest more money in marketing. The marketing of Tomo is really a disaster … More listing in the top stock exchanges even if it would cost money. Tomochain will be boring at some point and investors will get off the boat.

We are aware about marketing. But this is a proposal discussion for the “Learn Tomo Earn Tomo”.