Add other network bridges to tomochain

Hi team, are there other network bridges the Tomo team would consider adding to Tomochain other than Ethereum ?

Been reading a lot of projects on cardano moving from Ethereum, like Celsius. Wondering if Tomo wants to make bridging to Tomochain open to other networks.


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The expansion of chains on the TomoChain network in general and on TomoBridge specifically depends on users’ demand. The team will consider the other network bridges which can support users best. However, everything needs time to be fulfilled. Currently, we have been working on many coming products/features. Thus, I hope you understand until it’s ready to be rolled out, nothing can be unveiled.

Thank you.


Thanks for the feedback, Tam. Yes as a Tomo user, I would like Tomochain to be bridgable with many networks.

Thank you for the consideration,


Hi , Ive bought tomo from exchange and choosed tomo protocol type but in my trust wallet i choosed erc20 , my exchange accepted the recieve address and it has been done :white_check_mark: , but it didnt transfer to my wallet :woman_facepalming: I found my transaction in tomoscan , is it possible to get it back ? Pls assist​:disappointed:


This is a common mistake users often make when using TrustWallet to receive the tokens. Try to import TrustWallet’s recovery phase into MEW and you will receive the list of wallets sharing the same recovery phase. Then find out which one is yours based on its TOMO balance. Subsequently, you need to get its private key and save it to log in next time. You’re advised to use the wallet which has a private key instead of the recovery phase only.

In case you need further helps, please reach out to me via Telegram: Contact @MiKeysel32.

Hope it helps.