Tomobridge usability

Hi, would the Tomo team kindly look into the following usability on Tomobridge? A bit confused using the wallet app

  1. While on Ethereum network in wallet app, when I use Tomobridge and click on coin with balance to wrap, I get an error that says “make sure you choose Tomochain network, current id: 1 , should be 88.

However there is no place for me to update the chain id in this screen, or settings , or next screens.

Kindly advise if there is a user setting for me to update?

  1. While on Ethereum network in wallet app, when I click on Tomobridge it does not show my Ethereum coin balance. Instead balance is 0 TRC21.

Could the Ethereum balance be shown on the Tomobridge screens as well? It’s a bit confusing not being there.

  1. On either Tomo network or Ethereum network within wallet app, on the 2nd Tomobridge screen asks me to send coins to another address.

Can Tomo team kindly automate this step and instead ask me to confirm how many coins I want to wrap/unwrap? Not sure why tomobridge asking me to send coins to another address after I already approve wanting to wrap coins.


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Hello. I have the same problem. I set the metamask to string ID 88 and it automatically set it to 89, and now it tells me “Make sure to choose network tomochain, current string ID: 89, should be 88” but I can’t change it.