Tomo Bridge question (sent BEP-20)

Last week, I created a wallet and tried to use the Tomo Bridge. One of the options was “tokens on other chains” to TRC-21 tokens. I started the process and picked BNB from the list.
I sent BNB to the address on the list: 0x774fe53EC769Dcb31CBe0E1ebF46345CE9f9574F

Here is the transaction hash: 0xfa3538de91a742ce92436fac9033119628e3bb4b93c0620fb2d5095259aebefb

But the transaction was never confirmed. Obviously, I did something wrong. Is there any way to get the BNB returned to me? Who would have the keys to that wallet?

Thank you!


Your BNB sent to the address 0x774fe53EC769Dcb31CBe0E1ebF46345CE9f9574F is BNB on Binance Smart Chain while TomoBridge only supports BNB ERC-20 on Ethereum. (see the info shown on TomoBridge).

Screen Shot 2021-03-02 at 10.00.18 AM

Currently, TomoBridge hasn’t supported wrapping/unwrapping between BCS and TomoChain Network yet.

Therefore, regarding your issue, I’m so sorry that your BNB sent to the wrong address can’t be returned.


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OK. Thank you for letting me know

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One more quick question.

If and when TomoBridge does support unwrapping between BCS and TomoChain, will the address I sent it to be valid? I’m just curious, because right now, you can go to that address on BSC scan and you will see those 2 BNB sitting in the wallet. It’s a valid wallet and somebody has the keys, I would think.

So if I wait long enough and check back, would the address work when that unwrapping is supported?

Thank you.

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For your concern, I regret to say that TomoChain can’t support unwrapping your BNB sent to that address because let’s say when the bridge between BCS and TomoChain is launched, we can only verify the data from that moment. With the transactions before its launch, we can reach out.

If my explanation isn’t specific enough, let me know.


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