Problem with un-wraping TRC21 ETH from the Bridge

Hello team and community!

I have an issue with a transaction I made yesterday, trying to un-wrap TRC21 ETH to ETH. For some reason it appears that the conversion has been delayed (or even stucked?).

Whom should I contact?

Thanks in advance!


Hello Christo,

Thanks for reaching out. Please submit the ticket here with your transaction information, @hoanghalc will double-check and get back to you asap. Feel free to DM him. Thank you.

Ok, I sent an email to support, hopefully they will answer me back. Unfortunately I could not find how to sent message to the user you suggested… maybe because my account here is new?

Anyways, I hope I will find a communication channel with the team in order to solve my issue. It is the second day, now, and I really need to speak with someone from the tech team.


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Also i think it could be very helpful a link to the above form (with a word such as “Support”) to be added down to the TomoBridge page. I was looking a way to communicate my problem to the team and this forum was not an obvious choice…


We are adding it

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Now that the team informed about my issue, they responded immediately, and resolved in minutes. Thanks for your help.

It’s nice to know that there will be someone to take care of rare issues like these and will help you when something unfortunate happen. TomoChain fan forever!


You can click to the username and a info box with the “Message” button will pop up.

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