Wrap/unwrap button missing from Ethereum, Tomochain, USDC

Hi team, would a dev kindly look into fixing the missing wrap/unwrap button from Ethereum, Tomochain, and USDC coins?

See screenshots attached. Also see screenshot example of USDT where the wrap/unwrap button is there.


Thanks for following up. I have an iPhone X with latest ios.

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Happy to help, Justin. Appreciate you fixing this.


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Closing out this thread, confirming I can see the wrap/unwrap buttons on ETH, TOMO, USDC on both Ethereum network and Tomochain. Thanks for fixing this.


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Please assistance to be able to switch to ETHEREUM, thanks.
When we receive the TRC21 in our tomochain account, can we show you? It is our first operation in tokens/crypto, we do not understand much and without a doubt your assistance would give us the peace of mind of not making mistakes for the following ones. it looks good? Gustavo, Uruguay, South America.
tomochain wallet

Yes, of course, the question is about the TRC21, which apparently ARE NOT TRC21, but they are not OFFICIAL BTC!
1- Those UNOFFICIAL tokens can be exchanged for USDT-?
2- IF POSSIBLE, what process, what steps should be followed, through what networks and what platforms?

Greetings and thanks for answering!!

TRC21 BTC is fake. It doesn’t have value.

Great stuff, thanks for sharing