¿ TRC21 to another TRC21?

Hello i have another question :confused: , the problem is the next :

  • i recibe “TRC21” from this contract :
  • 0xc7ea18936b85a68917d36a2a891b5b357ca75e30

The problem comes when i wanna unwrap that tokens i dont see “BTC” balance in :

  • bridge tomochain

That i see is the “TRC21” contract has not the same of the contract documentations says here :

  • /tomobridge/trc21-wrapped-token-information/trc21-wrapped-token

  • Contract from documentation :

  • 0xae44807d8a9ce4b30146437474ed6faaafa1b809

the question is, how i can change thats wrong tokens :

to the real “TRC21 BTC” token ? , i think this is the real but i dont sure at all :

I need to do this steps to next unwrap my “TRC21 BTC” to “BTC” using :

  • bridge tomochain

in my wallet i see the next balances :

if you can see the image dont has the image of “BTC” and i dont know how to pass that tokens to the real “TRC21 BTC” to next unwrap that tokens to BTC, i have help to understand how to pass “TRC21 BTC” to real “BTC” using “bridge tomochain” but i really wanna know how to pass the wrong token to the real token btc

Thanks for read and sorry for my bad english, have a good day !.

how i can trade that “TRC21 token” to the real “BTC” ? or ¿ my money is lost with all another “TRC21” with no standard to unwrap to “BTC” ?

¿ in this case my money is lost ?

if is not trc21 to unwrap i lost my money ?, example :

  • i have “TRC21 CookieToken”
    and i have a lot of that “TRC21 Cookie token”, but that Token is not standard to unwrap in “BTC” , and what is next to get out my “TRC21 Cookie Token” to chage it for “BTC” ? , i cant understand at all how to change all other “TRC21” to real “TRC21 BTC” or get out in “BTC” directly

in another case this contract :


you say is fake, but that token is in the documentation :

i cant understand you at all, ¿ if that token come from for the documentation why is fake ?

may be you wanna say this token is fake :

  • 0xc7ea18936b85a68917d36a2a891b5b357ca75e30

¿ can you help me with that, or if you have any idea how to do ? to change all other “TRC21” to “BTC” directly or change that “TRC21” to the real “TRC21 BTC”, thanks a lot :frowning_face: