¿ TRC21 to BTC in "bridge tomochain" is the real BTC?

Hello i have tecnical questions :confused: , i try to understand when i use this link : TomoBridge

but i really still have questions …

  • frist at all i really wanna test for my own but i dont have real tomochains o cryptocurrency to test it, and “bridge tomochain” i think dont has test mode


  • i understand when i wrap “BTC” to “TRC21” this “BTC” changes to “TRC21 BTC” that is a token in tomochain,¿ i am right or i am wrong ?, in this point i think im right


  • the most important question for me is … when i do the reverse step example :
  • “TRC21” to “BTC” , this “TRC21” that i transfer is trasnfer in the real “BTC” ?, ¿ like a exchange ? ,¿ channing “TRC21” to real “BTC Blockchain” ? or ¿ i still having “TRC21” into the tomochain ?

sorry for my bad english, i hope you can understand :heart:

Thanks a lot JustinYan :smiley: