Tomochain to Blockchain, Coinbase or Kraken

I have some BTC in tomochain but i need to transfer them into a wallet in Kraken, Coinbase or Blockchain.
how can i do?
can you please help me?
Thank you.

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You don’t have BTC probably.


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Thank you for your answer, however:
where do i see this green tick (or red)?
in I see they are TRC21 tokens and i understood i can convert(unwrap) then via tomochain bridge.
thank you for you kind reply

You can see this green tick on TomoWallet.

Also you can go token addresses to see if there is a blue tick on

Example: Token 0x503b2ddc059b81788fd1239561596614b27faade Info


Thank you and sorry to bother you again.,
question: Do you consider the following real or fake?
screenshot form tomoscan: :point_down:

why the price is zero?

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all look fake to me im afraid