Received TOMO(Bep20) in Safepal Wallet (Tomo Bep20)

Hi ,

I have a SafePal Wallet and I received 2000 TOMO (Bep20). I want to transfer them to my Binance Wallet. However, the addresses I have in Binance is TOMO address, TOMO DEP2 and TOMO ERC20 .
How I can utilize these 2000 TOMO (Bep20) coins I own.

it’s a scam token trying to trick you by using the TOMO name on Binance Smart Chain (BEP20).

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Hi there,

We have only three forms of TOMO including TOMO native, TOMOB (BEP2) and TOMOE (ERC20). The tokens you received are fake and the scammers might try to get the money from your wallet. Please check carefully.