Run a TomoChain Masternode on the Ankr Cloud!

We have recently published our first fully-completed node-hosting application entry for Binance Chain. This means that we have designed and implemented a new way to share with users the details related to hosting the node, the costs and system specs related to hosting, essential information, and a full tutorial on how to deploy. All of this can be found in our App Store!

Today we are proud to present our node hosting application for TomoChain, which is the second project to receive this in-depth treatment. TomoChain is the first application in our App Store that lets the user earn rewards by hosting a Masternode and staking TOMO tokens!

What is TomoChain?

TomoChain is an innovative solution to the scalability problem of the Ethereum blockchain. Tomochain aims to be a leading force in building the Internet of Value, and its infrastructure and is working to create an alternative, scalable financial system which is more secure, transparent, efficient, inclusive, and equitable for everyone.

TomoChain relies on a system of 150 Masternodes with a Proof of Stake Voting consensus that can support near-zero fees and 2-second transaction confirmation times. Security, stability, and chain finality are guaranteed via leading-edge techniques such as double validation, staking via smart-contracts, and randomization processes.

TomoChain supports all EVM-compatible smart-contracts, protocols, and atomic cross-chain token transfers. New scaling techniques such as sharding, private-chain generation, and hardware integration will be continuously researched and incorporated into TomoChain’s masternode architecture. This architecture intends to be an ideal scalable smart-contract public blockchain for decentralized apps, token issuances, and token integration for small and big businesses.

A masternode is a computer on a decentralized blockchain network that is running 24 hours a day that keeps the system operating. Masternodes help support the network by creating and signing blocks, providing faster transaction times, and decentralized operations. They utilize the PoS (Proof of Stake) vs PoW (Proof of Work) consensus mechanism.

Masternode operators are paid a reward in tokens as an incentive for their involved investment of staking tokens, setting up a server, and continued operation.

To run a TomoChain Masternode on the Ankr platform, you need to deposit at least 50,000 TOMO tokens and the following server specifications are required.

  • An Ankr WM
  • 16 vCPU cores
  • 32GB RAM
  • 100 GB of storage for the base chain data
  • ~1 GB of weekly data storage space increase (SSD-based Block Storage is recommended)

Note: These numbers may decrease with ongoing optimizations to the TomoChain code base.

Why host your TomoChain Masternode on Ankr?

As you are probably already aware, the Ankr platform is connected to top-end specification servers, hosted globally from the data centers owned by some of the largest companies on the planet, to provide the highest quality service to the Ankr nodes.

At the moment, our data providers include DigitalOcean, telecom giant TelefĂłnica, and more which are spread out over 5 continents, and we have many more world-class providers to come.

These data centers guarantee a tremendous global scope to our platform. While services such as Amazon’s AWS or Microsoft Azure offer only 20 global locations, Ankr can offer many times more, by virtue of each data center provider being a location in their own right, each with different global configurations. This results in the latency of your Ankr-hosted blockchain being minimized and the compute power maximized, meaning transactions will be smooth, efficient and lightning-fast.

Moreover, Ankr is significantly cheaper as public cloud providers, and our approach to cloud computing is notably eco-friendly since we use idle resources that would otherwise still be consuming power. By optimizing the use of existing hardware rather than adding to the global footprint, we present the most ecologically sound solution possible to the Cloud Computing market.

How to host your TomoChain Masternode on Ankr?

Please find a step by step tutorial of how to host your TomoChain Masternode on the Ankr Cloud here .

You can find the most relevant FAQ’s and interact directly with our customer service agents at, or contact the admins in our official Telegram Node Support group.


Thanks Ankr team for joining the AMA with TomoChain masternode owners and stakers. :blush: The solution you bring to the table is absolutely helpful and worth trying. Keep us updated and we hope to see you around here.