What exactly does TomoChain offer in crypto world?

Every coin and token in crypto market is categorized under at least one category regarding CMC website. However, when I check TOMO, it’s only under one category which is a “Platform Token”.
Is that all TOMO offers? What is the application of this platform after all?
Let’s discuss this guys.
We wish to write an article about TomoChain on our academy (learn.bitmit.co) and your thoughts can definitely help us get some ideas.

Yeah its a blockchain platform like Solana. TomoChain is a scalable blockchain powered via Proof-of-Stake Voting (PoSV) consensus and used commercially by companies globally. TomoChain achieves 2000 TPS, 2-second blocktime, and ~$0 gas fees without compromising decentralization.

More: General - TomoChain Docs

Thanks, my friend.
Are you a blockchain expert? You seem to have a lot of information about the whole cryptocurrency!

Kinda… I am in blockchain space since 2017 and in TomoChain since 2019.

That’s perfect.
We should use your help to find best platforms to produce and publish quality content on.

I didn’t understand what you mean. If you need more info you can dm me over telegram.