Suggestions for companies to seek partnership with

There are a lot of companies out there working with adding real value and solutions to clients with the help of blockchain.

This thread is a way for the community to suggest companies that would make interesting partners to drive ADOPTION of TomoChain forward.

6 Likes connects IoT devices to the blockchain, enabling the economy of things

IoT (Internet of Things) and blockchain are a perfect couple to possibly create a lot of value. There are many articles about the subject but here is one from Binance Academy.

Partnering with a company that are familiar with IoT and Blockchain could benefit both them and TomoChain. They will get better access to an effective blockchain and TomoChain to be used by companies, creating value for both parts.


PWC - IT consulting and innovation services in India

Companies like these work directly with established non-crypto companies, consulting them to solve problems with blockchain tech. They know both the business side and tech side of things. India is a great market to start with since the population is big, I think fast to adopt new technology and they have recently removed some crypto bans as I understand.


Very good thread. Thanks man. Will spend time adding more suggestions :grinning:


Great thread. Would love to see more suggestions coming. Reasons why TOMO and the recommended projects should partner up with each other as well as the contact points/channels would be appreciated! :star-struck:


Nice idea! Which kind of partner do you think would benefit TomoChain’s growth the most? Partners on IT technology, Dapps development, exchanges,…?


I am a big proponent of promoting actual use case and one trend that I have noticed is in the gaming industry. The way I see it was that crypto-kitties were way too early and did not have the technology to support such a large number of people. On top of that, transactions on Ethereum are extremely slow and expensive. One company that I would suggest greatly for Tomochain to partner with is Roblox and more specifically the game Adoptme which is built on Roblox. One of the ways I think this partnership would be beneficial is that you can partner with Adoptme to create a Tomochain dapp that is linked to the game that shows a users collected pets as NFT collectibles and within the dapp people can trade pet NFTs for other pet NFTs or even sell their collectible NFT pets for tomochain. I have talked to a lot of people within the Adoptme community and this is a feature that would really be loved and used. Please Please take this into consideration, If I can help in any way let me know as well because I really would want to see this idea become a reality. Tomochain’s vales would really fit within this area and I see a lot of success if this was to be made.


This is a great idea but I believe that timing is everything. Ethereum did not attempt to prove to the world that it was the worlds computing machine. They first quietly developed their project and slowly but surely people started to notice and now people go to Ethereum for partnerships. I think this is the same approach that TomoChain should take. Many Many blockchain companies try to do things out of order and reach out to multinational companies asking for partnerships when this rarely works. PwC will not even take Tomochain seriously until there is proven development on the platform.


I wanted to post a mock-up of what I think the Adopt Me app would look like: This is only a very very rough sketch. I welcome any thoughts, recommendations, and, tweaks regarding this rough print.


Aha so cutee. What can we do with these NFT pets?

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Hello Alex!

Yes very cute. I have played the AdoptMe game and it is very fun and is actually the number 1 game on Roblox. It has over 8.8 Billion total plays with an average of 52 million monthly active players. Within the game, there are over 65 pets that can be raised and, a player can build their house, collect toys, and even trade with other players. Given these facts, I believe that if Tomo were to partner with them they could develop an application where an individual can view all their collections as NFT collectibles. This will allow players to interact with their pets outside of the game and could even trade them, similar to how Pokemon cards or even baseball cards are traded in the real world. As I mentioned previously, I think that it is better to work with an already established game rather than starting from scratch and building a game built on the TomoChain blockchain. BY THE WAY, I AM IN NO WAY AFFILIATED WITH ADOPTME OR ROBLOX, THESE ARE IDEAS FROM A TOMOCHAIN ENTHUSIAST AND SOMEONE WHO TRULY BELIEVES IN THE TECHNOLOGY:) :smiley: :grinning:

These are some more rough mockups of what I believe the game would look like after the partnership( look at the top left): The new additions would instruct a player to link their account to Tomowallet or some other white-labeled application that is built on top of Tomochain that will allow them to interact with their NFT pets outside of the game. They could swap, sell, and or buy NFT pets. Since the application is linked to their account then they could come back to the AdoptMe game and play and interact with their pet.


Bring NFT Games to TomoChain!

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yes nft Tomochain daap tomo Nft and defi Roket