TomoX - Current Developments and Direction

The team will be revealing a method to introduce fiat-on/off ramp sometime during Q3. It’ll use a peer to peer method that’ll allow for buying/selling crypto using e-wallets.


Hello, my name is Katie. I am from Chonker.Finance and we’re a new project in the DeFi space who incorporate DeFi + NFTs and we would be very interested in congratulating the Ministry of Education in Vietnam for incorporating TomoChain with our own hand-drawn NFTs from notable graphic illustrators to commemorate the special occasion.

We feel this would be a great opportunity for Chonk to get our name out there amoungst our Vietnamese Community in a celebratory way. As well as commemorating your historical collaboration with Ministry of Education in Vietnam.

Our website: Chonker.Finance (*CHONK for short)
Our Head Chonker: @chonkersam (*via Telegram)
His name is Sam.
Our Telegram Group:

And of course feel free to reply to this message and I will answer any questions you may have for me about Chonker.Finance. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.