TomoWallet upgrade?

When will be upgrade Tomowallet and will support usdt btc eth and other tomodex tokens (future listing tokens/coins)
And Wrap processes adding at Tomowallet? I am not meaning Tomobridge I mean, People can be esaly wrap btc to trc21btc easly like atomicswap or other some DEXs swap. Only one click enough to swap/wrap (not write adress not sending).
TomoP still have no date?? I heard it delay cause of TomoTeam will focus on Tomodex marketing?

Currently, you can manage TRC21 tokens (TRC21 USDT, BTC …) in TomoWallet

Plans haven’t changed, but it takes weeks/months to get everything in place and tested. Q3 should see solid improvements/updates

The TomoWallet team is working to include native support for other assets like ETH, USDT, and ERC20 tokens in the near future. That should also make swapping via TomoBridge much more seamless.

The TomoDEX team is also putting together the process to support new tokens (both native TomoChain tokens and non-TomoChain tokens). Currently, they’re ensuring a better user experience, such as integrating TomoBridge directly into the DEX.

TomoP is coming, but as you already know TomoX is our core focus at the moment. You can read more about that here: TomoX - Current Developments and Direction

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thanks for answer. We will wait q3 for wallet. and now we focus TomoX and Tomodex

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TRON is also preparing to launch a token bridge. If they release first and open it to all ERC20s they will take a lot of market share from TomoChain. I hope TomoBridge can be released soon!

Thanks for the thoughts. The TomoChain team is working on getting ERC20 tokens through the TomoBridge. Though we all want it done immediately, it’s important to do it right. Won’t be long, though, before we start bringing in more ERC20 tokens.

That said, TRON and TomoChain are different chains, and it makes sense that each should have some way to speak to other blockchains. So the launching of a cross chain bridge isn’t as important as attracting interest in using it. That’s something we’re examining, both in the architecture of TomoBridge and incentives to bring non-native assets into the TomoChain ecosystem.

AS I said always need marketting and Public Relations. People have to know #tomo so they use tomodex and other tomo platforms (dapps)
Last week When Tomo price rise people ask me “Does Tomochain have DeFi?” and I say Yes TomoDex have lend-borrow platform. “And they ask me they have a DEX?”
And this guys not rookie on crypto currency. One have 47K fallowers on twitter , other have 8k followers
they involved Crypto 2017 and they dont know what is tomo.
İf you wanna more users on DEX ; first have to fix wallet can keep other chains coins Normal BTC , USDT ,ETH ,BNB and some famous coins. and wrap pocesses have to be easy like TomoP one click and ur coins being privacy. So ONE click and BTC being TR21BTC (like atomic swap)
Second I always criticized Marketting and PR. You never accept That.
So how people know tomo tomox tomoz tomodex tomop.
How tokens change their chains from ethereum to tomo. or eos to tomo, tron to tomo, bnb to tomo??
How new companies choose TOMO?
TomoDEx open , TomoX protocol start TomoZ start but no new one ask me what is tomo? But When price up 40 cent to 70 cent Many people asked!!
I hope I can explain with my bad english.

Marketing and PR
-spend money For list exchanges and involved crypto new websites
-wanna more user on panthograp and tomowallet. make airdrops not need to be tomo can be other trc21 tokens like Tiim airdrops (lucky wheel) Pantho already have a gift program. Can tomowallet do the same
-spend money for twitter,youtube i medium , tiktok:) fenomens for advertisement
-or find way tomo price up. Cause one coin price up hardly every eyes turn over that coin
-find tokens change chain to Tomo
-Find partnerships maybe companies ,goverments ( I remeber many patnerships Lition , Japon Content token, Blackcats … what happen and product or project?)
-What happen that 5 company U cant say name before official agrement.

Hi there,

First of all, we have priorities to deal with.

Secondly, we are open to listening to the community but it does not mean that we accept all your requests and follow them no matter what. The business DOES NOT work that way. Plus, what you only feedback us is literally “bad marketing”, “poor PR” which DOES NOT help! Such a meaningless concept. I don’t know if you invested in us or not, but the repeated name-calling action you took over social channels made us and your investment look real bad. If you don’t invest in us, I assume you are trying to FUD. Either way, won’t be considered as being acceptable.

Instead of constantly “criticizing” us, if you want TomoChain to be better and reach out to the bigger community, you can join hands to attract and help new members learn more about TomoChain via spreading the words over social channels, or educate them on telegram chat, or introduce us with whom you think we should work with and so on. These actions truly create value.

Regarding the price action, as an investor, you need to build your own strategy. Because the time you ask the team why the price goes up, maybe it is too late to get your hands on. DOYR and follow our channels to get updated. We are NOT able to answer these type of questions.

The rest of your questions we already answered many times via community AMAs, you can find out by yourself. Thanks for your time.

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First, find out that criticism is good.It makes improvement , thinking more ,find weak points…
can’t you get criticized ?? Please Grow up
Second Yes I have Tomo

U can check my protfolio there. And I had tomo last 17-18 months.
3) You tell me. If I wanna Tomo communty bigger U have to explain new peoples what is tomo (from social chanel) :))
Maybe you are not follow twitter more. You can check hastag #tomo and see my twitts how explain people Inglish and Turkish
and you can check this research paper who wrotes from me 18months ago (Turkish)
And you can check twitter pools How tomochain win
examples that voting

You think how tomo win this voting?! Turkish communty win this voting. And How Turkish communty realise that pool votes??!! thats only one examples I showed before KY other examples. Turkish communty work hard for PR. I am sure harder than you. How #tomochain involved all time first 10 coin on twitter (interreaction- most spelling word)
4)oh my good is it youtube?

maybe not watching too much but higher than official channel
And last we have a word in my language
" Söz biliyorsan söyle, inansınlar; bilmiyorsan söyleme, seni bir adam sansınlar"
Have a good day tomoteam and tomofam