Unpaid Deposit "Vinex Network"

Hi I am hakan .I did withdraw to vinex network but i can’t see my wallet
can you send back my binance tomo address : 0x363695a9e05347d03295c98b254f639136babe15
my vinex network tomo adress : 0x453123b614172996ea52e3a611b1fada5525098c

scan tomo : https://scan.tomochain.com/txs/0x8c801171a8e095d046d4d61056e9ce994e47079a827721d271e5c8d0e4a9d445

First of all, thank you for your answer. I tried to contact the Vinex exchange but could not get a return. As I understand there is nothing you can do. Thank you again.