Wrap/unwrap Failed

Hi there,

Just to keep this short I sent my lua to the correct Address given using the tomo wallet app : 0x6E355A4bb312418812dd1fbaC2bCC68788c1C4e4 and after waiting 1+ hours for confirmation in which it failed

Here is the transaction hash : 0x390724b6ea8c513f340e5fb020373c06876439983c85fccfa318651d9a7eeb8a I hope that my portion of lua can be returned to my wallet address.


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I saw your tx was successful 3 days ago. And now your TRC21 LUA token is in this wallet: 0x6E355A4bb312418812dd1fbaC2bCC68788c1C4e4.

As long as you keep the private key, you can access your balance.


Hi Trang,

Thank you for the reply, if that’s the case how can I I get into that wallet?

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As long as you keep the private key/ recovery phrase of this wallet (0x6E355A4bb312418812dd1fbaC2bCC68788c1C4e4), you can access your LUA balance.

Pls note that first of all, you need to switch the network into TomoChain network because your LUA is TRC21

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I was never given a private key or recovery key as it was the address given to me to send my lua too.(0x6E355A4bb312418812dd1fbaC2bCC68788c1C4e4)

I have put the address into the tomo wallet app but cannot access or retrieve my lua back to my address as I do not have the private key or recovery key.

Thank you very much, if that’s the case then I’ll be likely to request my refund. I shall wait till then.
Thank you Justin and Trang.