A new Dawn - a comment for Long

Hi Long, I thought it would be good to give the community’s view on the last month and where the growing frustration is coming from. I would like to stress again that I think it is very good that you can communicate directly with the CEO of Tomo here and also be heard.
I will present in this comment a direct statement between price and community engagement. I know that the prize should not be the first view, but the development of the project.

The beginning: September 30 - October 28, 2020 | price range: $0.1-0.17
On September 30, what many Lition Holders had been waiting for for a long time happened: The mainnet was released. The hype in the community was great and finally it was possible to continue with the most important step of the whole project - Real World Usecase - Lition energy. The mood was very good within the community and quickly more and more trust nodes were set up as soon as this was allowed. Following this came the Uniswap Liquidity Reward Program, which attracted great interest and grew to a peak of $132,000 liquidity! This positive development increased with the soon to be launched Lition Energy and even another use case with DocMorris. All signs seemed to point to launch for growth.

The Descent: October 29 - January 23, 2021 | Price Range: $0.03-0.06
The announcement of the acquisition of Lition technology from Tomochain was met with confusion by the community. Updates and statements became fewer and all current community programs were canceled and communication almost completely put on hold. In 3 months, there were only two blog posts about the acquisition and no real direction for the Lition community. It seemed as if they were in limbo, waiting for the transition phase to finally be over and the positive development to start again. There was almost no interaction with the community on the part of Tomochain and more and more people turned away from Lition or became afraid.

The Doomsday: January 24th - today | Price range: 0.02-0.08$
With the slow end of January, the community’s expectation culminated in a new high and a price of 0.08$. The reason for this was that the expectation is rising to finally leave the transition phase behind and Lition energy finally launches on the blockchain - an event that was waited for 4 months.
Members of the community also discovered the first hints for the first real transactions and the joy was high. The mood was positive. But then came the downfall.
Long made several statements that there were problems and the announcement was always vaguely described as “soon”. Communication within the Telegram chat peaked at the height of inactivity - at times not a single comment was posted by an admin in a full day.
To make matters worse, a new project was then posted on Binance, which shared the same ticker, the same colors, and even the same origin in Berlin. The community referred several times, demanded a proper position via social media, but was ignored and dismissed - “nothing could be done”.
The negative statements in the Tomo forum, which suggested that the community had to take care of itself, confused and a negative spiral emerged.
More and more trust nodes quit their service because they didn’t want to bear the costs anymore, the liquidity on Uniswap reached a low of just under 20.000$ - the price cashed to 0.02$.
All this from a community that was willing to support:

  • +40 Trust Node
  • +132.000$ liquidity
  • Hundreds of messages and proposals

A new Dawn: today!
I would like to close this comment with a positive message. With a look into the future and hopefully a positive outlook with Tomochain at our side.
Lition as a community is still small - a startup. The community needs help to carry and promote a project. Statements on technical topics on Medium - positive news on the further development of Lition energy on Twitter - things that the community can share and spread. But these messages need to come from a central place - Tomochain Lab and Lition!
We as a community are willing to help and I see the Tomochain community also wants more attention - more marketing. No matter how good the technology is - if it is not seen and used, it is worthless.

I would like to and will now create the account $Lition Promoter on Twitter. I will use my graphic design and “writing skills” to help Lition and the community, but! We also need help from Tomochain Lab.

  • How far along is the transition phase finally?
  • When is Lition energy finally coming?
  • Can’t more developers of the team be used to achieve this important step?
  • What are the technical difficulties?
  • Can’t Lition Sidechain be used as a 2nd layer of Tomo since Ethereum is currently performing so poorly?
  • Can’t we incentivize Tomochain for Lition - use tokens for marketing and development! The community would rather see more engagement and for that, a tokens will be sold - if needed.

Please, Long engage in a constructive conversation with your community - how can we make Lition successful again?


I like what you’re trying to achieve here, but I bet you all my LIT tokens that it will fall on deaf ears.

Whatever is going on in the Tomo Lab, with its development team of ONE, and marketing team of zero…we shall remain in the dark.

Long this fellow contributed to fill the warchest for the $Lition Promoter Account for giveaways on twitter!

Hope I can count on you!

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