All fees in terms of Tomo on Ethereum based Luaswap

Hi, would the Tomo team kindly consider allowing functionality that I can select all fees be paid in Tomo (or any other coin) and auto convert to ETH while doing luaswap on Ethereum network?

As ex. If I’m on Ethereum network in Tomo wallet app and want to swap USDT to USDC I need to hold ETH to fund this transaction. What I would like to suggest is if I have enough Tomo that the Luaswap auto converts TOMO to ETH to fund the USDT to USDC Luaswap on Ethereum.

Or, allow users to select the coin they’d like Luaswap to auto convert to ETH to fund the swap. As ex. If I hold Link coin Luaswap would auto convert link to ETH to fund the USDT to USDC swap.


Due to the high gas fee on Ether, the auto converting process is not easy at all. And not everyone wants to do that. We appreciate your idea and will take it into careful consideration

Yes eth fees very high. I think it might help Tomo ecosystem if there’s a dedicated TOMO/ETH or TOMOE/ETH + TOMOE/TOMO back end function that would support liquidity.

Many thanks,