AMA: TomoMasterDAO x LuaStarter

:small_orange_diamond: AMA: TomoMasterDAO x LuaStarter :small_orange_diamond:

Before you begin to water the seeds of TomoMasterDAO, let the DAO tree expert Lakrisen help you understand its character! :seedling:

Tune in with #TomoMasterDAO & #LuaStarter in our Premier AMA & get your information clear on the upcoming $tDAO IDO! :fire:

Rules :point_down:

  • Follow @TomoChainANN on Twitter

  • Retweet :point_up_2: with Quote answering: What makes a good DAO system?, hashtag #TomoChain & #TomoMasterDAO

  • Leave ur question via this link:


:trophy: 5 best questions - $20 in $tDAO

:trophy: 5 best retweets - $10 in $tDAO

:trophy: 10 random RTs - $5 in $tDAO