ETH sent from Tomo wallet does not arrive

I converted some Tomo to Eth, and sent Eth at another Eth address. The issue is that the Eth is not arrived yet after 24+ hours.

Anybody could help resolve please?

Thank you

Hello Nemo,

I assume you were trying to send ETH to TomoWallet to trade on TomoDEX.
However, TomoWallet only supports TOMO and token issued on TomoChain platform.

I will guide you to access the ETH fund on your TOMO address first then you can send ETH to TomoDEX via TomoBridge

  1. To access the ETH fund you just sent your TOMO address: login mew/metamask with your private key and switch the network to ETH.
  2. To send ETH to TomoDEX to trade: (In another word, how to wrap/unwrap your assets to/from TRC21 Wrapped Tokens on TomoBridge) After this step, you can see your ETH TRC21 in TomoWallet.

Hope it helpful.

In case you fail trying this, please provide me your TOMO address and tnx hash. We will look into it.

Thank you very much, it has resolved now! All good

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