! Failed to send TIIM ERC20 to Binance

Hello there.

I owed more than 10000+ TIIM ERC20 (TriipMiles) coins in Tomo Wallet and I want to convert to TOMO coin so that I can send to Binance and trade there.

However, I tried but didn’t make it work. Here are what I tried as follows:

I added TomoChain Mainet to my metatask and also added TIIM coin. I transferred 100TIIM coins successfully to my metatask (please check the link)

But when I tried to trade on my TIIM on TomoDex my TIIM coins didn’t show there somehow. ((please check the link)

I tried to use luaswap but my coins didn’t show there either (please check the link)


I am looking forward to hearing from you guys soon.
Please advise for the best ways to achive this. Tks!