Stuck transaction from binance

Hi guys,

Really hope someone can help i sent my tomo from binance to my ledger but I think I selected the wrong thing. Now on binance it says succesful however the coins never arrived and I have no idea how to get them?

Ledger support said that tomo support should be able to help.


Hi Justin,

I tried to withdraw tomo from binance and the hash link below

Regards LIncoln

Hi Justin i cant see the message option but the tx hash is below


Hi Justin,

As you can see the coins are not in my ledger?

Hi justin,

I don’t know whats happening I login into tomo via my metamask but nothing is there and if I try to use the ledge it asks me to insert some usb key?

I cant win, I finally worked out how to get into the tomo wallet and found my coins, I then sent them from tomo wallet to my ledger Ethereum address as per ledger instructions, tomo transaction says its successful

But I cant see it in my ledger?

Ok so where would I see my tomo now?

Sent it to the Ethereum address on my hardware wallet

Hi Justin,

I just wanted to say thankyou so much for taking the time to help me, I have it all sorted now thanks to you. My apologies for the confusion on my end, it took me awhile to get my head around the whole process.

I appreciate your patience.

Regards Lincoln