Unable to send TOMO from Ledger to Binance. Need help


I try to send TOMO from my Ledger hardware wallet to Binance. It always gives an error as you can check on the last transaction I made:

I have this TOMO from a long time and when checking my Ether account at: Address 0x01ace9fa39bff1f5b8c21713c177fbdc02e22c41 | Etherscan it shows that I have 164 TOMO coins,

Can anyone please confirm that I really have the 164 TOMO and what do I need to do to transfer them to Binance?


These are old Tomocoins. Use metamask with ledger, switch TomoChain network (Metamask - TomoChain Docs) and send it.

Hi @kriptokar

Thanks for the advice. I try what you said, but when connecting Ledger to Metamask first time it did not show up my Ether address 0x01ace9fa39bff1f5b8c21713c177fbdc02e22c41

So, on Metamask I changed the HD Path from Ledger Live to Legacy (MEW / MyCrypto). After that I can see the Ether address 0x01ace9fa39bff1f5b8c21713c177fbdc02e22c41

I connect but it still shows 0 TOMO. Can anyone please help me? Thanks

This wallet doesn’t have any TOMO. Last tx is from 2 years ago: TomoScan - TomoChain Block Explorer

Hi @kriptokar

Thanks for the check. But when looking at: Address 0x01ace9fa39bff1f5b8c21713c177fbdc02e22c41 | Etherscan it shows 164 TOMO.

Can anyone explain to me why? Thanks

You used these tomo after mainnet swap (sent to kucoin, but you don’t remember maybe). The tomo coins are frozen in eth.