TOMO on Trezor for 1000+ days - How do I withdraw?

Hi, I realized I had about 1000 TOMO on my Trezor,
I have been trying to send it to binance but it doesn’t go through.
I can read there has been some kind of token swap,
but how do I go about it? Do I make it into Tomoe? or how does it work


As far as I can see, the only thing suggest for Trezor, is to enter my trezor seed code into TomoWallet - The Secure Wallet for TomoChain to get access to my non erc-20 TOMO. Is this correct?
Feels like quite a big step to have to restore my entire trezor onto tomochain just to get access. Cant be correct, can someone please help me out

Okay Ive gotten into TomoDEX | Decentralized Exchange but it shows 0 TOMO there. While it shows my 1000 TOMO on my trezor wallet.

I am trying to get my tomo out as well. i don’t think they have a way for it yet. No one from tomo contacted me but couple of scammers did.

Seems like for every transaction there’s an error of supported chain id. I am blank at this moment

I deleted my comment by mistake when i added the picture, but yeah,

I was banned on the official telegram years back, and I have no idea why, legitimately I think they pressed the wrong one. I was there since day 1
So I tried to find any way to get in contact with support, and found this 17k user telegram called tomo_
chainchat and after an hour of wasting my time, they tried to enter my seed code at WALLET-TOMOCHAIN instead of wallet.tomochain


there actual telegram is @tomochain or with url

but most of the people try to private message you to provide solutions are scammers. asking for private keys.

Ive tried everything I can for 48 hours. The only solution left I havent tried, is to put my trezor seed into the official tomochain app. but im uneasy about that

I won’t consider it, risking your hardware wallet seed for just one blochchain that screwed up.

I beleive we should wait for sometime and make tweets about it. So other people can also know this is not an option to get into tomo network. You can get in but not out.

Even after putting your seed on tomo wallet if the problem is chain id it would be waste of time.

This is a scam for sure, there can’t be any validation for sending your coins to other account.

So youre not able to get any help even from their actual telegram?

sadly no, that’s the reason I signed up here

I was just able to get help on telegram. Turns out, I sold the post-swap coins 2 years ago, and our trezors are just showing us the modern coin value, despite it not being the coin we have. So the old coins is reflecting the new price, but the old coins doesnt “exist”.
If it shows you 0 TOMO when you change MEW to TOMOchain network, then I assume you must have sold them in the past too then. I had to check my exchanges and see that I actually sold different versions of them over the years

My issue is different, i added TOMO to my metamask wallet couple of days ago, wanted to check luaswap. but now i am regreting it :frowning:

Great to know your issued was solved! Our community is very active and helpful. We will support you where we can!