How to be a voters?

Is we needed stake $TOMO on Luaswap? what is the requirements? thanks

You’ll use your $tDAO as vote power on proposals.

Once the first proposal goes live it’s pretty easy to vote. Just connect your wallet holding tDAO then chose a proposal, then cast your vote!

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what kind of reward do we get?

You’ll get a reward in TOMO sent to your wallet after the vote ends.

I cant vote in through trust wallet.
it says my voting power: 0 tdao but i have some tdao! how it’s possible? :thinking:

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it should be fixed by tomorrow!

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J’ai le même problème… surtout que je veux voter pour @DrTOMO :slight_smile:

another issue … now I get this “oops, failed to check voting power” :thinking:

I think you guys are making fun of us :joy:
it’s disapointing …
"the announcment “The voting for TomoMasterDAO’s Board Members is rescheduled for 7:00 UTC on Monday (13.Dec.2021)”