I converted "TOMOE" to "TOMO" an hour ago, but TOMO is not coming in. Please help me.

It was conducted on the official website of TOMO BRIDGE.

3450 is my TOMOE quantity.

TOMO chain does not produce any TOMO coins of the corresponding quantity.

MY ADDRESS: 0xdf6351570D65C30dBc3bF9600181254787D6eF45

TOMOE > TOMO transaction (ether scan)

There is no transaction in the tomo chain scan.

The conversion of 40 tests after 30 minutes was done properly. I think there is a problem with the time when I did 3,450. Other than me, there are people in the tomo community who raised the same issue in the same time zone.

My address: 0xdf6351570D65C30dBc3bF9600181254787D6eF45

Your tx has been processed 12 days ago, this is the out tx: TomoScan - TomoChain Block Explorer