I have sent money to an exchange! Is this a loss?

Please help me!

I sent the Ethereum wrapped in TRC21 from the TOMO wallet to the Ethereum address for deposit on the exchange.

Is it possible to refund in this case?

I don’t understand English very well so it might be a little strange. sorry. :sob:

Hello, please send us your txhash. We will have a look.

Thank you for your reply.
txhash is 0x8f430b7ab5d68d836d6e18e1270d012cfab224aabc64cde1baa627cda8112f8f.

Hello there,

We looked at your case. In this case, the only way you can do is you contact that exchange support team to ask them for help, since your TRC21 tokens were sent to their exchange.

Hope you can get them back!