Importing from another wallet and no mnemonics?

So I imported my wallet from MetaMask and now when I try to backup my wallet, I can only find my private key but no recovery phrases (mnemonics)? So does it mean that the mnemonics just don’t exist at all when importing from a third party wallet or it’s hidden somewhere? :thinking: :thinking:

Did you import the wallet using private key? In this case, TomoWallet can not recover the mnemonics because there is only one way from mnemonics -> private key -> address, the opposite way is impossible. That means, when we have mnemonics, we can generate the corresponding private key, but when we have private key, we will never know what mnemonics was used to generate the key.

Therefore, if the wallet imported using mnemonics, TomoWallet can show you both mnemonics and private key. On the other hand, if you used private key to import, TomoWallet can only show you the private key.