Looking Developers for Dapps

I am looking developers for who can build these dapps on TomoChain. Please tell me if you can do. Then we will bring these to MasterDao to fund you if your proposal pass.


  • Summary: When BUYER initializes an escrow transaction, his/her TOMO is locked in the smart contract. Once BUYER confirms the SELLER’s obligations are fulfilled, he/she can release funds to SELLER. EscrowDapp will oversees the transaction. If a dispute occurs, the EscrowDapp can intervene and refund the BUYER or release funds to the SELLER.

  • Curenncies of app: $TOMO, $USDT (TRC21).

  • Fair comission.

  • I’ll redirect EscrowDapp.com domain to your app for promotion.


Texas Hold’em Poker Game

Summary: Players will choose a room by considering minimum blind bet. Players will buy in game chips with crypto. Game will earn money with from every pot.

  • It Can Be Multichain (EVM is enough)

  • Coins can buy chip: $TOMO, $TOMOE, $LUA (TRC21/ERC20), $USDT (ERC20/TRC21/BSC) and your ideas.

  • Fair comission.

  • I’ll redirect CryptoPokerGame.com domain to your app for promotion.



Really like both! hopefully someone can do it, also I would like to see any new Dapp integrated into tomowallet (like tomopool and luaswap) to increase awareness


Nice idea for EscrowDapp
We can discuss more about that

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Very well !

Ideally, approach large platforms that already exist and offer them to use TOMO as a means of betting, payment.

Marketing = sponsoring poker tournaments and offering TOMO rewards!

From memory I have not yet seen crypto in this area…

Very motivating