Proposal to collaborate on Racing game fork

I have an idea to fork this simple open-source Ethereum NFT racing game.

Make it simple at first, just a working copy on TomoChain.

I actually did the fork already, just need to build it:

I can host the project with all the backend stuff and do some simple frontend development.

But mostly I would need some help to improve graphics, improve the smart contract (Solidity) and design more and better race tracks.

I’m open to any ideas.

I’m doing this as a free community projects but thinking to distribute fees and NFT token sales in the game on multiple addresses (contributors) when the product is ready for launch.



Hm I would really love to see a NFT game on TomoChain but it should be a bit different to what users have seen running on other chains before. Besides that NFT games are great, I love collectibles. I would like to brainstorm a bit in what direction this could go if you are down for that.

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@xyzabc Sure, I’m open to brainstorming ideas. I also play one game dapp called MegaCryptoPolis which is very successful. The economy and volume is very healthy. But the game concept is quite complex, so it would be a bit too ambitious for me to do something like that. With this project I would start with something simple but functional.

That’s not a bad idea IMHO. Graphics should be definitely improved I believe.
Btw, is that possible to change the game plan a bit: can we add a car racing competition between two racers, and the winner takes some TOMO as prize.
A competing game like this would be beneficial from the fast speed of TomoChain I think.

@campv Absolutely, it needs to change from ETH payout to TOMO payout. Do you mean that they should race simultaneously? I also think there should be a prize pool which is funded by NFT sales and also maybe a percentage of the race fee. And instead of upgrading automatically after a win, I think there could be an upgrade function that costs TOMO. A part of the prize pool could be payed out to the winners of a “Grand Prize” every week or so; this could be a High Scores page with time rank and awards are distributed to the top times. I think there should be different race tracks that are chosen randomly, to make it more challenging. But all those things could be implemented gradually I think. I think for starters, it would be good to make a simple version as it is, and just make it work on TomoChain. I wonder, could it easily be launched with Truffle instead of the Web3/Phaser solution that the creater used? I’m more familiar with Truffle. I have another question: For the NFT, ERC721 is used. Do we need to change to TRC721 in the code or do we just leave the ERC721 unchanged?

@stjo15 that’s great thought.
And yes if there are competitions where players race simultaneously , it should be really great.
Regarding NFT tokens, either ERC21 or TRC21 can be used. It just does not matter. The only thing that matters for those tokens is the interface (API functions).

do you think of using TomoZ in this game? I meant having users playing the game in a gasless style transaction would be really great and makes the game UX smooth.

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@campv Okay, maybe we can leave it as ERC721 then.

For simultaneous racing, I just worry that it will be hard to match races with other players, at least in the beginning.

This line in the README: “Deploy contracts via Remix. Save the abi and contract address in …” - Not sure how to do that. Truffle should work right, just need to set up a truffle.config and so on I guess?

Using TomoZ would be really cool. Buying NFT:s, racing fees, upgrades, payouts, all should be done in the TomoZ token. Good idea!

@stjo15 yeah you can use either truffle or remix to deploy your contract. You can use whatever tool to deploy on TomoChain.

You know that, you only need to add these fields

mapping (address => uint256) private _balances;
uint256 private _minFee;
address private _issuer;

Add those to the beginning of your smart contract + add a function issuer() to your contract + set minFee = 0.

That’s it. you are ready to apply TomoZ without issuing tokens