Planetomo - Introducing GameFi on TomoChain

Hello TomoChain Community :wave:

I have just deployed a GameFi application on TomoChain, with the objective of showcasing the potential of the TomoChain Network in the Blockchain Gaming space.


Planetomo is a P2E Blockchain clicker game. As a player you’re required to fund your wallet with $TOMO on the TomoChain Network, and simply click the planet in the center of the screen as fast as you can! Each click rewards you with a random amount of $ROCK which is a TRC21 token deployed on TomoChain.

The maximum reward per click is reduced every 500 Million clicks by 5, this happens until the reward finally reaches 0 after 5 Billion clicks. After which no more $ROCK can be minted.

You can purchase upgrades with $TOMO via the Enchantments screen. Enchantments are Limited Supply NFTs also deployed on TomoChain. In addition you can purchase a boost which lasts approximately 6 hours.

Refining (burning) $ROCKs increases the maximum reward you receive per click. Each level increases the potential reward by 0.5 $ROCK!

The core objective of the game is to compete for the top spot of the leaderboard, which is updated in real-time as it is stored and retrieved directly from the TomoChain Blockchain.

A portion of the funds received from the game will be directed to funding a liquidity pool on LuaSwap for $ROCK. Players can purchase $ROCK from other players to level faster, allowing them to mine more efficiently. Other players may want to simply sell any of the $ROCK they earn from the game.


This is an experimental prototype, I’m a one man team and built this as part of a short Game Jam. There may be bugs, so please only deposit small amounts, this is all a bit of fun and serves to demonstrate GameFi on TomoChain.

Thanks to everyone, especially the TomoChain Team for building this platform.
My own goal is to continue building larger GameFi games on TomoChain, which I hope will encourage others to do the same, and continue to bring greater value to the TomoChain ecosystem as a whole

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I didn’t understand why I can’t connect my current wallet? It asks me to create a new wallet.

I built a wallet into the application itself, from there you fund that wallet with a small amount of $TOMO for playing the game.

The game requires transactions to be submitted quickly, every click is a transaction, if it were to integrate MetaMask or a similar wallet you’d have to approve the transaction for every click, which would make gameplay extremely slow.

With this implementation the game could also be exported as a standalone application for any device.

I see but this will be a barrier for people. Nobody will import their wallet. Maybe a new wallet with 1 tomo.

you need to optimize your game, some data on-chain, and some data off-chain. or you can submit more info in 1 tx. people will have when they can confirm tx, because people don’t know what did you do with their seed phrase

You can create a new seed phrase just for the game by clicking the register button. I never suggest entering your existing seed phrase anywhere, and I’ll ensure I make that clear in the interface. You should only deposit a small amount of TOMO anyway, 1 TOMO should allow you to perform 5000 clicks.

The website also only has 1 external connection which is to the TomoChain RPC.

I would have loved to have used MetaMask, but the entire purpose of this game is to showcase what is effectively transaction spam, and the fact TomoChain has no issue handling it. Everything is on-chain, including the leaderboard, and unfortunately this was the best way of handling it.

I’m also available to chat about it on Discord :grin: