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MaxBet by PigFarm team aims to become a new standard dice game run on the scalable TomoChain with its innovative decentralized solutions for its underlying economics mechanism. Instead of having a single host, there can be multiple hosts, namely stakers, staked into the gaming smart contract. On the other hand, instead of having a single random function to generate lucky numbers, MaxBet offers multiple different random functions to avoid the bottleneck issue in the single random function. We design the most sophisticated and decentralized Dice gamble where there are not only one host, but many hosts that stake into a staking pool. There are two types of actors. Any TOMO holder can become a staker by making the deposit, which is technically done by sending a transaction with a minimum investment amount to the MaxBet’s smart contract.

*Remember, this game is a dapp. You will not send your TOMOs to seperate wallet in the game; you play directly with your own wallet and all transfers take place instantly between your wallet and the playbook. The smart contract of the game is verified by TomoChain and readable by everyone. Everything is under your control!


:small_blue_diamond: Play: www.cryptodicegame.com
:small_blue_diamond: GitHub: https://github.com/pigfarmteam/pigfarmteam.github.io
:small_blue_diamond: WhitePaper: https://maxbet.pigfarm.io/static/paper.pdf
:small_blue_diamond: SmartContract: https://scan.tomochain.com/address/0xbf1dcb735e512b731abd3404c15df6431bd03d42
:small_blue_diamond: Twitter: https://twitter.com/PigFarmTeam
:small_blue_diamond: Telegram: https://t.me/pigfarm


Get A Tomo Wallet Address

You need a $TOMO wallet address to play the game. You can create a wallet from web, also you can get it in your iOS or Android device.

Playing with TomoWallet App

  1. Download TomoWallet: iOS | Android
  2. Go to www.cryptodicegame.com from your mobile browser
  3. Click to Play on TomoWallet
  4. Have fun. (If you gonna play first time, you will send 0 TOMO to smart contract to connect your wallet to game).

Playing with Desktop Browser

  1. Go to www.cryptodicegame.com
  2. Connect your TOMO wallet via Metamask, change the network as TomoChain. To do it open MetaMask > Current Network > Custom RPC:

or you can use Pantograph extension directly to use TomoChain mainet.


  1. Refresh the browser.
  2. Have fun. (If you gonna play first time, you will send 0 TOMO to smart contract to connect your wallet to game).

this is very nice.

should we introduce Pantograph extension wallet or Tomochain official wallet for better onboarding?

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The game doesn’t support Pantograph extension yet. Playing with TomoWallet is already explained.

Yea. Signing with Pantograph extension on browser is much easier when you do not have to switch to TomoChain network.

Right. Dev team is working new features (also for pantograph extension), but not ready yet.

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Now you can connect your wallet via Pantograph.


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Wonderful :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

*Note: If custom RPC doesn’t work, try ChanID with 0x58.