Proposal Discussion - Degen Buffalos, the 1st NFT-Staking Game on TomoChain

We are requesting funds to create TomoChain’s first NFT-staking game, The Degen Buffalos.

Degen Buffalos Primer:
The game is based on Buffalo (NFT) and Rice (TRC20). You stake your $Buffalo on a Field to earn $RICE!
Each Buffalo will be unique and have different levels of ability. We will make 10,000 Buffalos, derived from 120+ traits.
Fields stake $Buffalo and $Rice which it uses to generate a total output of $RICE. The $RICE is then distributed amongst contributors.


  • Create and Sell 10,000. This includes a UI, NFT-Smart Contracts, UX Design, Docs, and Marketing.
  • Create Marketplace for Buffalo sales.
  • Create the first Field for Buffalo Staking
  • Make Fields programmable, and allow community members to create their own.

Funding Requests:
We would like to ask for $7k to finish phase 1 of the project. We believe that if the initial launch is successful, the project will sustain itself, and no more funding requests will be necessary. The funds will be used for:

Phase 1:

  • Smart Contract Development of $Buffalo
  • Illustrations of base Buffalo and 120 traits
  • Buffalo auto generator script
  • UX Design for frontend
  • API for safely returning Buffalo traits during the sale
  • Marketing and partnerships with the broader NFT community
  • Writing Documentation, Lore, and Medium Articles.

Core Team:

  • Lak: Strategy, Product & Marketing
  • Ian Tozer: Lead Developer
  • Dean Schmitt: Lead Designer

Idea is fine and 7$k seems reasonable for this.

Is there a similar game on a different chain? I’m curious about the usage of $RICE beyond distribution

The idea sounds good, and the grant request is reasonable. Is there an ETA for the completion of phase 1?

You can see there is one on AVAX here. It’s an interesting concept that has been pretty successful: